Radiate, Moonfall, Bedlam Barrio, In Loving Memory, Emensia, Oblivion Her Majesty


Sep 8 Sun
Radiate, Moonfall, Bedlam Barrio, In Loving Memory, Emensia, Oblivion Her Majesty5:30 PM | Doors: 5:00 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $12.00

In Loving Memory

Harnessing the energy of heavy music and the universal appeal of pop, New York City’s In Loving Memory have forged a sound all their own. While vocalist Naveed Stone’s lyrics reflect his life experiences and speak to all demographics, the first generation American born to Bangladeshi parents has a clear goal "to be one of the first brown faces in a predominantly white pop/rock/metal industry, and defy the stereotypes. I would love to be that role model for the next generation that I lacked when I was growing up. I want to tell kids like me ‘You can do this’, before the world tells them that they can’t.” Stone turned In Loving Memory from a solo project into a full band in 2014, when drummer Thomas Diognardi and guitarist Vito Racanelli discovered him through Youtube. In 2015, they released their debut EP, Stand My Ground. Comprised of the first songs written together, the result is a somewhat mixed bag, capturing the early phases of a band looking for “their sound”. In 2017, they followed this up with the Introspective EP, which really caused In Loving Memory to gain traction and see their fan base blossom. Now mid-2018, the trio has no intentions of slowing down. “I think that because we are cognizant of the musical and cultural climate around us, we will find our place in the next generation of artists that usher the scene into a new era. Much like our band name signifies, we embrace everything that brought us to this point and are ready to push forward to the future.”