Jump, Little Children


Dec 13 Fri
Jump, Little Children8:00 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $25.00

Jump, Little Children

2019 marks the 25th year that Jump, Little Children is a “must see live” band known for its high-energy shows. With an eclectic mix of musical influences from ethereal chamber pop to guitar driven alt-rock, they have built a grass-roots following of devoted fans across the country.  After over a decade of touring and recording they announced an indefinite hiatus in 2005. In 2015, a 10-year reunion tour that sold out in minutes re-energized the band to begin touring again, and fan-fund the 2018 critically acclaimed album "Sparrow".
The band’s current activities include a self-proclaimed experiment via crowdfunding platform Patreon, at
patreon.com/jumplittlechildren. Each month, rare and never-heard live recordings, B-sides, and brand new demos are released, in addition to episodes of an audio documentary called “Cool Demo” which dives deep into the making of Sparrow and history of the band. In December 2019, Jump, Little Children will launch a tour that will wind along the East Coast and dip into the Midwest. The group has many treats in store for their devoted fan base, promising both pre-hiatus tunes and brand new music.
Be sure to follow the band’s adventures @jumplittlechildren on Facebook and Instagram! For concert tickets and general information, visit jumplittlechildren.com.


Surrounded by weathered ukuleles, a haunting steel guitar, and the lush, cinematic

weight of The Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic), singers Danica Dora and

Josh Kaler set off towards an uncharted archipelago on Hula Hi-Fi’s debut, “The Isle of

Forgotten Dreams”. The record takes the best elements of Hawaiian music and

baptizes them in a moonlit tidal pool of strings, electronics, and songwriting unafraid to

chart the dark underbelly of the human heart. They call it ‘Hawaiian Noir’, an intimate

sound full of longing and melancholy. The record took three years to make, and only

came to exist thanks to a few people just crazy enough to try making it.

As a multi-instrumentalist and producer in Nashville, Josh Kaler had spent the better

part of a decade helping other artists make their dream records. While working with

everyone from Frances Cone and Jump Little Children to Matthew Perryman Jones, he

was also toiling away at a personal love: Hawaiian music and specifically the lap steel

guitar. In 2014 he met singer-songwriter Danica Dora when co-producing her EP

‘Together in Space’. Between other projects the two slowly started chipping away at

this burgeoning hobby, sketching out the songs that would become the backbone of

‘The Isle of Forgotten Dreams’. When it became clear the project deserved more, they

took their labor of love to the most obvious place for a Hawaiian concept album: the

Czech Republic.

The world-renowned Brno Philharmonic Orchestra recorded their parts in 2019 and a

process that had begun years ago was finally complete. Due for release in early 2020,

‘The Isle of Forgotten Dreams’ is an epic opening statement from an act that somehow

mines the mystery of exotic locales to explore the uncharted emotions that lie sunken

within each of us. They ached for a thing just out of reach… and grasped it.

Catch Hula Hi-Fi this winter on their first national tour supporting Jump, Little Children.