Knitting Factory Presents

Gosha Guppy, NXGN, Darion Harris and Soire


Jun 5 Tue
Gosha Guppy, NXGN, Darion Harris and Soire8:00 PM | Doors: 7:30 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $11.00 ADV / $15.00 DOS


NXGN is a New York based rap collective that consists of members TyBass,
Fresh The Prophet, Nohri, JonBoyIce, and CHRISMELH.
Tydell Brown, professionally known as TyBass , is a recording artist/
songwriter from Brooklyn, New York City. Being of Jamaican decent, and
growing up in neighborhoods such as East Flatbush, Crown Heights, and
Canarsie, his exposure to genres like Hip Hop and Reggae/ Dancehall are
what inspired him to make music at a young age. In school, writing, poetry,
philosophy and visual art were his main interests. It wasn’t long before he
began marketing his bedroom-based recordings and uploading them to
Soundcloud. After connecting with multi-media artist MeLo-X at a
BoilerRoomTV event, MeLo took Ty under his wing and allowed him to gather
his closest friends to form what is now known as NXGNcbnt. Since it’s been
founded in 2015, TyBass has managed to release a hit single “Runnin'” with
Mozart Rick, Møntanna ØG Rugga Mackavellį and Nohri, as well as premiere
a song for AFROPUNK entitled “Sugar & Spice” with creatives Raury, Tru of
Homies Only, Crystal Mec, Dejuan Long, and Chrystophersen. Ty has opened
for acts such as Little Simz at Rough Trade and Joey Bada$$ at BB King’s. He
has performed at festivals such as the Noisey Festival for Independence,
Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival as well as headline shows with BoilerRoomTV, the
Brooklyn Museum & the Studio at Webster Hall.
Jeremiah Heidebrecht, professionally known as Fresh The Prophet , is a 17
year old recording artist/songwriter. Originally from Lanc City Pennsylvania,
Jeremiah met his bestfriend and fellow NXGN member TyBass when he
moved to Brooklyn several years ago. "It was crazy, we actually linked up and
met the day I moved here". After a next door neighbor in Elementary school
showed Jeremiah 50 Cent's "Get Rich Or Die Tryin", he had an instant
interest with hip hop music. In middle school, he converted his already
existing love for writing poetry into writing songs. From lunch time cyphers
in middle school and high school, to recording off an iPod in his
grandmother's basement, Jeremiah quickly developed a passion for making
music with his friends. Despite being white, Jeremiah claims to have never
felt like an outsider in the rap world because of his childhood connection to
the culture. "Nothing was ever fabricated. That was just the music and style I
was surrounded by ever since a youngin." Jeremiah says he's been influenced
by legends like Nas and Andre 3000. He has a strong disdain for limits and
the idea of being boxed in. "I listen to everything from Chief Keef to Michael
Jackson." Jeremiah says he feels like NXGN is the future of music
because,"We have no limits. Everything from the production to the lyrics is
different from shit that's out right now".
Nohri is a Boston-based producer artist that makes music for the sole
purpose of the experience it brings. Growing up engulfed by afrobeat being
played around his Nigerian household, Nohri uses this influence to recreate
that experience in his own way. Last year, Nohri produced fellow NXGN
member, Tybass’ hit single: “Runnin’” which features Mozart Rick, Møntana
ØG Rugga Mackavell į, and, MeLo-X. Months later, Nohri collaborated with
Chrismelh, JonBoyIce and Nicoswim in producing MeLo-X’s post-Lemonade
single: “Wasteyout”. Back in October, Nohri worked with Tidal for their Tidal
X 10/15 Festival featuring huge acts such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and
JonBoyIce is a an NYC based music producer. Born and raised in LA, he now
attends NYU. JonBoy started producing in seventh grade when his dad bought
FL Studio. Still a die hard Fruity Loops user, JonBoyIce strives to combine his
unique music background, ranging from the soul genre to jazz to create
“sample-based bangers”. While getting involved in LA’s music scene in high
school, JonBoyIce joined the Homies Only Collective, which includes buzzing
artists Tru, Crystal Mecca, and Tyler Cole. After his move to NYC, JonBoy
linked up with his fellow NXGN members Nohri and ChrisMelh through
school, and got reacquainted with his old friend, TyBass. JonBoy ultimately
joined NXGN in 2015, and has since collaborated with other NYC based
artists, such as Mozart Rick, The Øthers, and Gotta Break Bread (GBB) to
name a few. JonBoy scored his first major placement in 2016, with
co-production credits on recent Beyoncé collaborator, MeLo-X’s
Christian Melhado or CHRISMELH, an undergraduate from New York, has
played percussion from a young age. At the age of six, Christian started
learning the Djembe with his sister’s African Dance Class. This love for
percussion soon took off after he picked up percussion in elementary school.
It was there he began learning the snare drum, timpani and other classical
percussion. Christian began playing the Steel Pan with the Adlib Steel
Orchestra around the same time. Ever since, Christian’s passion has been to
take his love for instruments and make it a career. Christian has since then
become a part of NXGN where he gets to live out his dreams. His recent
co-production credit on MeLo-X’s “Wasteyout” only provides a glimpse of
what’s to come.