The Minks

The Minks are Nashville’s “psychedelic-bloos” band, heavy on the rock and roll. We’re talking low-down,
all the way, purse-lipped, eyes-shut, head-whirling kind of rock and roll. The band’s palpable sound has
roots in every music fan’s top ten—from Lou to Patti to Creedence to Hank. Mixed with raw, jangly
instrumentation and soulful saccharine vocals, it’s as much a throwback as it is an answer to the often
overlooked underbelly of Nashville’s rock and roll scene.
Front woman Nikki Barber hightailed it to Music City a few years back in hopes of pursuing her musical
birthright. With just a guitar and a dream, she created The Minks because she had to. It was this “create
or combust” determination, and a little help from her friends, that made her vision a reality. With a few
hundred miles, a couple of EPs, some new faces, and a slew of local buzz under their belts, the band sets
out to release their first full-length record (Light and Sweet) this Fall through Cafe Rooster Records and
tour for forever.
The Minks are here. Let’s boogie


361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $10.00