Spider Rockets

Loud rock has always been at the core of Spider Rockets. Lead singer, Helena Cos,

and guitarist, Johnny Nap, started as a duo playing every dive bar in New Jersey and

New York City. In between cranking out crowd favorites from AC/DC, Judas Priest,

Guns n’ Roses and Metallica, the two would test the waters by infusing some of their

own original material. This was a unique setup as the two had an electronic rhythm

section and pumped out loud rock, something unheard of in the genre.

The duo soon expanded to a full lineup and began working with Brooklyn-based indie

producer, Martin Bisi, best known for recording iconic albums by Sonic Youth, John

Zorn, Herbie Hancock (including the Grammy-winning "Rockit"), Helmet and White

Zombie. Still in their infancy, the group managed to release their first effort, ‘Flipped Off,’

which officially marked the end of the electronic rock duo format. An EP entitled

‘Preview’ followed. But, the group really began to hone in on their own sound with the

release of ‘Ever After’ which was picked up for North American and European

distribution by Locomotive Records. Experience began to pay off as “Ever After” yielded

top adds on CMJ and FMQB radio charts.

With Eric Rachel manning the boards (Atreyu, Black Dahlia Murder, Hatebreed, Misfits,

Patti Smith Group, etc.), the group issued the self-titled ‘Spider Rockets,’ a more

musically progressive offering. The group began touring on a national scale and

supporting the likes of Pop Evil, Framing Hanley, ran a leg on Van’s Warped Tour and

scored a slot at Berlin’s Popkomm Festival.

Now, savvy at the art of song-crafting, Spider Rockets re-entered the studio to record

their 2012 release, the more streamlined ‘Bitten’. An early rendition of one stand-out

track, “Scream,” garnered over 35,000 hits on YouTube without any promotional efforts

before the album’s official release. ‘Bitten’ was well received at press and named TOP

10 Hard Rock Albums of 2012 by Metal Odyssey. It made Top Adds on the CMJ Metal

charts, and at secondary market active rock, Spider Rockets triumphed over

respectable heavy hitters like Five Finger Death Punch, Pennywise, Hellyeah and

others. The group toured with Trapt and opened for the likes of Papa Roach, Steel

Panther, and others. Their track, "Going Down," was licensed by WWE and helped push

the track’s YouTube video to nearly 200K views.

2016 marked Spider Rockets’ return into the studio for their fifth full length release, this

time with producer Dan Malsch (Framing Hanley, Tantric and Doro) and ‘Along Came a

Spider,’ the group’s latest album, was subsequently released in January 2018. The new

album takes the ‘Bitten’ songwriting philosophy one step further with lush production

coupled with Spider Rockets’ distinct brand of unapologetic in-your-face sound and



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