New Rock City

Cobbling together touches of new wave, punk, pop, and good old-fashioned rock, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, a ferocious rock anthem about the signs o’ the times, is the first offering from New Rock City’s second, as-yet-unnamed, album. The charismatic rock duo formed in NYC in 2012, cutting their teeth in the East Village underground scene. Kick, the guitarist, displays a fierce love for crispy, powerful riffs; lead singer Rossano channels Joan Jett and Billy Idol. - Alice Teeple, Post-Punk Magazine


Based in New York City, the band evolves towards different directions in every song. They have an enviable eclecticism in their songwriting and they know how to mix it well. They put together touches of new wave, punk rock, pop and arena rock to then go back to the rawness of rock & roll melted with moments of smoothness and dream-like pop melodies in the middle of chaotic and psychedelic breakdowns, plus that extra of 80's post-punk textures mixed with crispy and powerful riffs coming from guitarist Kick plus the euphoria and coolness of the multi-faceted powerhouse vocalist Rossano. - Buzz Magazine L.A.


New Rock City 8:00 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $10.00