Illicit Ghost

Illicit Ghost wants you to find freedom in her sound. You will usually  find the leather-clad loner diffusing essential oils, writing music  under her covers at 2AM or on the ground losing herself in a violin solo on stage. The artist, producer, singer, violinist and songwriter has  released three songs to date, each with its own liberating message.  “Drunk and Alone” is about finding happiness in being yourself; her  cover of Pink Floyd’s “Money” is a reminder that material things should  not define or control you. Her most recent single “Parties by Myself” is  about doing your own thing and not caring what others think. Illicit  Ghost looks forward to a prolific and active year in 2019, with more  music and regular live performances in store.


Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $10.00