Brother Jerome

When you can hear the breeze blowing through the leaves and feel the sunshine warming your soul, that is one of the many feelings Brother Jerome embodies.  Founded by singer-songwriter Ryan Bria, Brother Jerome was created as homage to his late brother Jerome “Drew” Bria, a peace loving man who stood for righteousness and love.  These characteristics are but a foundation of what the band has grown to be.  After being a side-man for a litany of local acts, Ryan was set on creating a project of his own, one that would cultivate positivity and unity amongst a divided world.  He then linked up with long time friend and multi-instrumentalist Dan Chetnik (Saxophone and Vocals), alongside Bassist Stephan Lemos.  Lastly, Andy Davis (Drums) joined the group, bringing with him the back-beat that’s at the heart of Brother Jerome’s sound. The group then hit the studio to record their debut self-titled demo “Brother Jerome,” all the while writing and perfecting a mélange of additional songs and sounds that are sure to make dance. 


Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $10.00