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Founded in New York City 1987 by Michael Dorf and Bob Appel, Knitting Factory Entertainment has been one of the nation’s top curators of music, food and Style since 1987 and is on the forefront of the boutique hospitality industry. With a network of twelve live music venues across the country, as well as three restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area, KFE is a favorite among audiences, diners and touring acts, alike.

Beginning as a Houston Street art gallery, performance space and cafe, Knitting Factory soon became one of the choice venues for avant-garde, post-punk, and experimental artists, such as Sonic Youth, Cassandra Wilson, Gil Scott Heron, Yo La Tengo, Cecil Taylor, John Zorn, and John Lurie & The Lounge Lizards.

Appel left the company in 1991.

In 1994 the club relocated to Tribeca into a multi-staged warren of spaces on Leonard Street and in 2000 KFE opened a club in Los Angeles.

In 2002, KFE acquired Instinct Records and in 2004 Instinct founder Jared Hoffman took over as Knitting Factory CEO from Dorf. In 2006 the company acquired Bravo Entertainment and in 2008 they re-branded Bravo’s Boise, Idaho and Spokane, Washington clubs as Knitting Factory Concert Houses.

After eight years at the company, Morgan Margolis took over as CEO in 2008 and Hoffman left the company at the end of that year.

In 2009, KFE closed the LA club and moved the Manhattan club to a space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Later that year KFE’s Reno, Nevada location opened.

Since 2009, KFE has been aggressively pursuing expansion and partnerships, having opened three restaurants: Federal Bar North Hollywood in 2011, Bow & Truss in 2012 and Federal Bar Long Beach in 2013, as well as a new concert venue in Long Beach, in 2014, bringing their total owned and operated facilities to eight, including new partnerships with Spaceland Presents for The Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles and Arrive Hotel Group in Palm Springs, CA.