Move Forward Music x Northside Festival

Move Forward Music x Northside Festival ft. Denitia, Adrian Daniel + more


Jun 9 Fri
Move Forward Music x Northside Festival ft. Denitia, Adrian Daniel + more8:00 PM | Doors: 7:30 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $12.00 ADV / $15.00 DOS

Free for Northside Badgeholders on first come, first serve basis. 


What’s left when you strip everything ceremonial away? It’s a terrifying question for most artists as interlocking layers of disguises and aliases and personalities can sometimes be the only barrier between you and the weight of the world’s expectations. The prospect of facing those anxieties while laid bare can spur many to wear those masks forever, but there are some artists who see distillation as the only way forward. Denitia Odigie knows that path as well as anyone. She was stricken with such severe stage fright as a young performer that she asked people to turn around or close their eyes before she could begin. But that’s all changed, and she’s ready to face her audience eye to eye.  

Denitia’s Ceilings is a portrait of an artist awakened. After moving to the Rockaways, an isolated, beach-side Queens community, Odigie found herself turning inward for inspiration. She set out to shed the protective layers her career had imposed and rediscover what songs and sounds came naturally to her. She also wanted this story to have her name on it: no more aliases, no more hiding.

Denitia discovered a fellow traveler in Daniel Schlett, the owner of the Williamsburg recording studio, Strange Weather. The pair dug through stacks of Denitia’s demos, selecting the choice cuts that would eventually yield the Ceilings EP. The symbiosis between the pair can be felt through each song as Denitia’s sweeping compositions breathe and tighten at just the right moments. It starts with the anger and frustration on “Bound to Happen,” where Denitia first faces the illusions surrounding her and shatters them to pieces. The song begins spare as a dirge, but then fills with bright, vibrant synths as Denitia begins taking a sledgehammer to the ersatz world around her. That clear-eyed perspective is then cemented on “Waiting” and “Ceilings,” twin tracks that are meditations on the world’s self-imposed separations and segregations, and serve as pleas to break down those barriers we unwittingly construct. The EP closes with “Planes,” described by Denitia as a song about the “constant longing for more, of wanderlust and desire.” The track's spine is in its vibrant piano and drum composition that lets Denitia’s voice soar and search, a sign that Ceilings is only the beginning.


Adrian Daniel

True innovators thrive in today's urban music, and Brooklyn native Adrian Daniel continues to fortify the resurgence of R&B and Hip-Hop. The alternative soul singer entrances listeners with his old-school flair, lyrical storytelling and signature genre-blending style. Propelled by a constant stream of ear-catching singles, Adrian has built impressive momentum that has garnered him support from Spotify, TIDAL Discovery, Complex, VIBE, The Fader, Okayplayer and more. His unyielding efforts and boundless creativity will culminate in the release of his debut full-length album, Disillusions, which is available Friday, April 1st. Today, Adrian has partnered with Billboard to offer fans an exclusive first listen of the heartfelt project, which was a therapeutic endeavor for the young artist, sharing:


“Music is everything we hope life would be... At least that’s what I believe. That’s what I’ve tried to do with this album: with the storytelling, sonics and everything. I just think that’s the purpose of art, to push. I wrote this album to move past all the anger I had with myself and people… to keep from going insane at points in my life. Making this album was a labor of love for me. I never had to do anything this difficult in my life… but it was gratifying though. I learned so much in the process.” – Adrian Daniel.

About Adrian Daniel:

Brooklyn born creative Adrian Daniel can hardly recall a time when he wasn’t on stage. After starting a band called L.D.C. and watching musicians come and go, Adrian became determined to embark on a solo career. The artist prides himself on commitment, a true drive, and having an insatiable hunger to succeed in the business. Those qualities combined with his natural talent and a fierce desire to pave his own path are what sets him apart from the pack.  

Adrian partnered with a prodigiously talented group of young producers while in college to craft his first EP as a solo artist. ‘Memoirs of a Stoner’ - an eclectic blend of soul, alternative and hip-hop songs that speak from his personal experiences – personifies Adrian’s rejection of all things ordinary. Adrian’s raw talent, songwriting ability, showmanship, and unique voice have earned him a stellar reputation. One of his live performances moved a music critic to note his charisma and the “thought provoking” nature of his music while pinning him as “the next riveting R&B/Pop sensation”.

Adrian’s music influences include an eclectic group of artist such as Kanye West, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Sade, Queen, Bob Dylan, Journey, Lauren Hill, Coldplay, and Jimmy Hendrix. While Adrian’s art reflects these influences, it also simultaneously defies all genre or label to create something unparalleled.

This is an artist that wants to make a significant impact on the world, and with songs like “Pride” and “Wildfire,” Adrian Daniel is set to do just that.



Are you familiar with NY-based Synead Nichols? The New York-born artist & activist has built quite a buzz as the co-founder of Millions March NYC, a march of 50,000 people and one of the “most prominent anti-police brutality marches the city had ever seen.” Synead was recently featured as one of Teen Vogue's 17 Rising Stars Who Personify Black Excellence During Black History Month and has been honored by the NAACP as a history maker in her crucial role in community organization.

Synead is gearing up to release her debut single, "Tropicao," which will be available on March 31st with an exclusive premiere by Ebro Darden via Beats 1 on Apple Music on March 29th. The track is produced by Cabo Blanco and Matt FX. It is a return to Synead's roots in Trinidad and Tobago, where she drew inspiration whilst refueling from her inspirational life working and serving in NYC.

Synead is also notable for her work with rapper S'natra and Grammy Award-winning producer Ivan Jackson of Brasstracks. Synead met both Ivan and Matt FX during her time at LaGuardia High School aka “the Fame school," which also counts artists such as Azealia Banks & Nicki Minaj amongst it's storied Alumni.

On the horizon for Synead, keep an eye out for the “Tropicao” music video dropping in Spring 2017, as well as a follow up single “Lost In The Wild” slated for early summer 2017.