‘nikki’ is the ambient, soundtrack-esque project of Alec Koone (BALAM ACAB) and Adam D’Alexander (slow techno). The two met in Summer 2009 at Ithaca College during freshman orientation - before the semester had even began and instantly bonded over common music interests. As a music education major, Koone felt quite out of place at Ithaca’s music school, as he was considered unambitious by many peers for simply wanting to teach elementary music post-graduation. D'Alexander felt similar as a music composition major, restricted by the boring limitations and adherence to the “unbreakable” rules of classical music that were imposed upon younger students. The two students bonded over their disliking of music school, and they quickly discovered that they shared common interests beyond just music. They hated going to chorus at 10 am every morning. Both Koone and D'Alexander inevitably stopped pursuing degrees in music, despite having a remaining passion to create it.

Koone and D'Alexander had discussed collaborating on music many times in the past, but no work had ever come to fruition. Fast-forward to May 2017, somewhere in Brooklyn, in an Air BnB. As a yearly tradition, Koone (from Pennsylvania) and D'Alexander (from Ohio), along with other friends, would use New York City as a central location to meet up, hang out, and catch up with each other, On their last night in the city, the two ended up spending their last night in the city glued to their laptops until the sun rose, creating their first ever collaborative track. After sharing the track online and receiving positive feedback, the two decided to commit to the project and treat it as something serious. 'nikki' have released their first single digitally, with plans to release the single on cassette in the near future.

‘nikki’ has continued to create new material, with intentions of having a longer album completed sometime this upcoming Fall. Additionally, the duo is considering expanding into a trio, adding Morgan Elizabeth (frequent BALAM ACAB collaborator) to the group to contribute vocals, synth, and sampling to the group's live show and future recordings.


Balam Acab, Foxes In Fiction, Nikki 11:55 PM | Doors: 11:55 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
Tickets $10 Early / $15 ADV / $18 DOS